In this past year, Facebook has made some impressive progress, including their new feature, Facebook LIVE. This feature, released to the public in April, allows users to post live broadcasts for their friends and followers to interact with via live chat. These live videos can be posted by any Facebook user for simple fun, but businesses have also taken advantage of the technology for marketing purposes.

Using Facebook LIVE For Marketing

Many businesses are hopping on the Facebook LIVE train, including companies like Chevrolet, who livestreamed the release of their new electric car. Other companies have also gotten creative, live streaming special sales, interviews, or question and answer sessions. The results of these simple videos have been surprising; they work as well as and even better than other methods of Facebook marketing. The success of these videos is attributed to a certain set of guidelines that have shown to be effective in obtaining the most viewers.

Every Facebook broadcast has an option to include a quick description of the content. This is an important aspect of the post, because it is what will initially attract the viewer. A good description will help the user to understand what the video is about and capture their attention. A pretty simple example is a recent broadcast conducted by Buzzfeed that broke the record for concurrent viewers on a Facebook livestream. The video had a simple call to action: “Watch us explode this watermelon one rubber band at a time!” This simple description attracted more than 800,000 viewers in less than 45 minutes. Another common tip is for companies to announce their broadcast ahead of time to allow viewers to prepare, and, once online, to remain on the air for at least 10 minutes to receive maximum exposure.

A common use for Facebook LIVE is question and answer sessions. By reading viewers’ comments through the live chat and responding to them by name, the broadcaster is more connected and can engage more closely with other Facebook users.

These simple tips assist businesses in advertising on Facebook. Facebook LIVE has shown that it is not only a fun and interactive Facebook feature, it’s an innovative marketing tool.

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