Digital Strategist. Wannabe Futurist. Florida Explorer.

Jason designed his first website when he was 12 using dial-up internet. By 22, he was an Internet Sales Manager for the largest auto dealer in the U.S. and went on to be an advisor for his father's real estate developments.

Today, he reaches millions of people from digital campaigns for U.S. Manufacturers And Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Developers. His passion, when he isn't hiking or kayaking the Florida wilderness, is studying Advanced Manufacturing.

Active Projects:

TMT Logistics, Inc. was looking for a way to reach Central and South America. Jason created and implemented a strategy that has been used for over four years now to generate business for this exporting company.

Skybolt® manufactures military grade aerospace fasteners for NASA and many others and Jason's digital strategy helps connect with industry leaders.

Digital Agency, Live Broadcast Events, and Press Releases for American Manufacturers, Jason is the Co-Founder.

Jason's campaigns reach 2.6 million people per year for Vac-Tron, which has substantially increased brand recognition and revenue.

Metro Steel USA has been in Florida since 1920 and Jason helps generate revenue through digital campaigns.

SCI Wireless Fuel Management Systems reach customers worldwide and use Jason's online strategy to increase branding and revenue.